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In memory of
Late Sri Sohanraj Singhvi

Founded in 1974, our company’s mission, guided by Late Sri Sohanraj Singhvi, was to “bring nature indoors.” His vision made Indian dried botanicals globally acclaimed, enhancing home décor with the earth’s natural goodness. Retiring in 2012, Late Sri Sohanraj Singhvi devoted his remaining years to philanthropy. He continues as our eternal company “mentor.”

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I am the company’s de-facto “problem-solver” and oversee strategy, sales, marketing, supply chain management and people management. I travel around the globe to gauge our customers’ diverse preferences and ensure our product evolves accordingly.

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I am responsible for factory management and focus on planning and execution of orders, product quality inspections, and customer correspondence. I have the pleasure of interacting with and learning from the people who bring our product to life: our exceptional workforce.  

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